Govt launches online visa application system

The-Government-of-NepalKATHMANDU, Nov 26 : Foreigners preparing to visit Nepal can now apply for visa online.

The Department of Immigration (DoI) on Sunday launched a new portal – www. – where foreigners can apply for visa and trekking permits for different controlled areas in the country.

“The service has been launched on a trial basis. We will make the complete system online very soon,” Shambhu Ghimire, director of the DoI, told Republica. “Once our new website starts full-fledged operation, we will phase out our old website.

The DoI issues trekking permits to various controlled areas in the country where only group trekking is allowed. Similarly, it issues 12 types of visas — marriage , study , business, residential, tourist, transit, NRN, relation, working, diplomatic, official and dependent.

To apply for visa online, applicants need to fill up the application form available at the website. Upon submitting the application form, they will get a receipt. They will have to submit the receipt along with the documents and visa fee upon arrival at the immigration authority to get visa.

Foreigners, however, can apply for permit for restricted areas only through the government authorized trekking agencies. The agencies will have to submit details like trekking program, registration certificate, VAT/PAN certificate, foreign exchange permission certificate and insurance policy, among others along with the application.

“The service is currently under trial. We plan to completely switch to online application system from January next year if everything goes as planned,” Ghimire added.
According to DoI officials, application submitted online will remain in the system only for 15 days. This means the applicants will have to contact the immigration authority within the give time.

Source: My Republica

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