Life is a Mountain that must be climbed

The New Year, 2016 has come with rays of hopes, at least, in Nepal. Since hundreds of guests (tourists) – from all around the world – are sharing their prior ideas of travelling to Nepal in 2016. Media houses, social media, and even through personal conversation, articles are written, published and recited how beautiful and safe it is, already, to travel Nepal. The last year – 2015, Nepal suffered from the worst consequences of the April Earthquake; particularly it brought negativity in the tourism industry of Nepal.

However, even to our surprise, the consistency in the number of guests landing in Nepal didn’t get as affected as it was forecasted. Perhaps, people who envelop that enormous love for Nepal knew that it was the right time and move to visit Nepal during that period. And those who couldn’t come, by any possible means, are now much eager and excited to visit Nepal by the end of this year.

Minor, but recent and prolonging issue was an official blockage from India to Nepal. Fuel was in shortage around the country; however we did our, personal, best and succeeded to operate our transportation movement. Adding to the good news, from today all borders connecting to India have been officially opened. Starting days of the year, 2106 seems to be the lucky charm to Nepal, and couldn’t be better than this.
Hence, we request everybody to travel Nepal, not just for the sympathy, but to witness the spiritual vibes of Nepalese people; who refuse to give up, for the love of nature, and for the change.

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