Manang becomes the first district to vaccinate its entire population.

Manang has been the first region in Nepal to achieve total vaccination for its entire population above 18 years of age.

The head of the health ministry for Manang, Badri Acharya informs 96% of the population in Manang are fully vaccinated. 167 inhabitants of Manang are waiting for their turns to get a second dose of Covidshield 

Acharya continues, “The numbers of fully vaccinated from, both, first and second doses of Covidshield are 2,016, where 2,027 people get vaccinated from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and 75 has been shield from Vero Cell.”

The health ministry states there were 4,500 inhabitants in Manang to vaccinate, and the campaign has been successful. The ministry advocates Manang is also open to vaccinate anyone from outside the region.

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