Mother’s Day being observed across the nation

mothers-day-nepalKATHMANDU: People across the country are observing ‘Mata Tirtha Aunsi’ or Mother’s Day on Tuesday by offering different delicacies and gifts to their mothers.

According to Hindu tradition, the festival is celebrated on the new moon that falls in the month of Baisakh as per the lunar calendar.

On the occasion, sons and daughters bath early in the morning and offer gifts to their mothers.

Since morning, the major places in the valley witnessed increasing footfalls with people shopping for sweets, fruits and gifts to present to their mothers.

People from the Valley and different parts of the country reached Mata Tirtha Pond, famous religious place in the western suburb of Kathmandu to remember their deceased mothers.

It is believed that those who take a holy bath in Mata Tirtha and offers tarpan today helps his/her mother get salvation and also bring prosperity in family.

There is a legend that a man who walked through Mata Tirtha saw his dead mother in the pond on the day of Mata Tirtha Aunsi and since then people started going in the place.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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