Rato Machhindranath coconut throwing ceremony concludes

coconut-throwing-ceremony-rato-machhindranthKATHMANDU, May 11:Madan Pahari was eagerly waiting for the moment when the main priest, who is called pakaju in Newari, would throw coconuts from the chariot of Rato Machhindranath on Sunday. The father of three children–two daughters and a son–Pahari was there to catch the coconut thrown by the priest as it is believed that the one who catches the fruit would be blessed with a son. Continue reading

Dipankha Yatra receives around one lakh devotees

deepankha-yatraKATHMANDU: More than 100,000 devotees, Buddhists and Hindus alike, participated in Dipankha Yatra, the two-day holy journey (walkathon) that started in the Kathmandu Valley today with much fanfare.

The walkathon occurs only when first day in solar calendar, Chandramas Purnima (full moon), Rewati Nakshyatra, Harshan Yog, Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse) falls on the same day as per the astrological calender. Earlier, such coincidence had occurred on October 17, 2005 after 38 years. Continue Reading→

Sikali Jatra lights up Khokana

sikali jatra khokanaAt a time the Dashain festival has gripped the country, local residents of Khokana, a rural village located around 10 km on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, are busy celebrating a five-day long Sikali Jatra.

The Jatra, also celebrated as an alternative to Dashain by the traditional Newari community in Khokana from the day of Ghatasthapana (the first day of the 10-day Dashain), will be concluded on Friday, also observed as Fulpati by the Hindus. Continue Reading →

Gai Jatra being celebrated

Gai JatraKATHMANDU: A day after celebrating Janai Purnima, people throughout the Kathmandu Valley are celebrating Gaijatra, the festival of cows, today.
It is a festival mainly of the Newars. According to a traditional practice, each family, who has lost a member in course of a year, takes part in a parade that passes through streets with the cow, considered a sacred animal, leading it. And if a cow is unavailable, then a young boy dressed as a cow has to head such a procession. There’s a belief that the cow takes the deceased to the paradise. Continue Reading→

Newar people celebrate Gathe Mangal

KATHMANDU, Aug 5: The Newar community of the Kathmandu Valley observed Gathe Mangal, a festival celebrated to chase away evil spirits and usher in good fortunes, with much fanfare on Monday.

The Newar people say they celebrate Gathe Mangal to bar Ghanta-Karna, a mythological demon, from entering their houses and keep themselves, especially children, safe from diseases. Continue Reading→

Rato Machhindranath coconut throwing ceremony concludes

KATHAMNDU, May 21:Though it boasts important cultural and historical essence, Rato Machhindranath Jatra on Tuesday once again celebrated the male supremacy over female, among other things.
According to Dil Kumar Barahi, who has been leading the chariot and the Machhindranath construction team since very long, the coconut throwing ceremony observed on Tuesday has much to do with a preference for son as the one who catches the coconut is believed to be blessed with a son. Continue Reading→