Kerung -Tibet to Kathmandu; the first hand highway experience connecting Nepal to China.

China allows the border at Kerung-Rasuwa (Nepal) to become a new checkpoint for international visitors, visiting Tibet – China from Nepal via overland, and vice-versa, already since August. However, apparently, the only highway, Rasuwua Gadi Highway, connecting Nepal and Tibet – China has been a lucrative route for traders of both countries, Nepal and China.

The highway is mostly occupied by the long queue of lorry and trucks. However, the condition of the highway is, yet, much vulnerable for tourists to cross the border. Roads are very rough and uneven, which compels jeep or any means transportation to spend most of its time on the road to reach this short distant border.
Though it is possible to cross the border, for tourists it might be a stressful journey to reach the Kerung border from Nepal. Highway road is, mostly, under construction. The uneven road, full of rocks and dust, may become a stressful journey in monsoon season. So far, it is possible to reach Tibet – China from Rasuwa Gadi – Nepal, but it won’t be as smooth as the previous checkpoint, Kodari, which still remains too badly damaged to use after the 2015 earthquake. One night stop on the journey is recommended to cross the border. For a basic accommodation, Dunche and Syabrubesi could be an ideal spot, which is also the starting point for the Langtang Trek. There are various good guest houses on the highway or tourists may take a detour to Nuwakot for a luxury stay, which is merely 40 mins drive away from the main highway.

On the road, we can see the sights of construction and the width of the new highway looks rather large. If the construction goes according to what it looks, the future of this highway is very bright. We are hoping after the parliamentary and provincial assembly elections, the country experiences the apex pace of development.

Likewise a few months back in September and, still – if there’s a truck on this narrow highway, there’s no way to get around it. Perhaps, it is better to wait for a few months, and we are very much hopeful.

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