Intending to build and solidify sustainable tourism in Nepal, we are focusing on economic empowerment, waste reduction, green tourism, and sustainable communities. Our approach is simple. We seek to offer visitors something different: genuine experiences designed sustainably with an eye for a positive impact on the environment and tourism in the service of building a better future for all.
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Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel
Women Empowerment, Community Empowerment

Investing in the local community of Nepal is one of our core values. We primarily focus on sustainable tourism, hoping to set standards in our country and within the travel industry to benefit the most important and often underserved stakeholders – the locals.

Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel


Royal Mountain Travel is driven by the belief in women’s empowerment. We invest in and create programs promoting women’s empowerment, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. This starts from our office, as women comprise 50% of our workforce.

Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel


As thousands of families in Nepal are still struggling with basic needs, we are playing a unique role in creating decent work and economic opportunities to support indigenous groups in rural areas.

Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel


We work to develop new tourist destinations in Nepal. So that new communities can drive economic empowerment from tourist activities. We further insight into supporting local communities scattered across the country and look more for sustainable travel to positively impact the communities and environment.

Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel

Our core principles are rooted in sustainability – we ensure that the benefits of sustainable tourism reach the lives of our staff and the local communities we work with. We focus on preserving the environment and regenerating our natural and cultural heritage. From replacing single-use plastic water bottles on treks with reusable aluminium ones to initiating tree plantation, we are committed to the shared responsibility of unburdening the planet through waste reduction by joining hands with our partners, locals, and travellers. With a motive to bring change to the ongoing culture of tourism in Nepal, we are constantly focusing on promoting sustainable tourism development and responsible tourism.

Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel
Sustainable Tourism in Nepal, Royal Mountain Travel

Our communities are what make us. When they benefit, we benefit; when we benefit, they should also benefit. This is our commitment to challenge poverty and establish equality.


We support Kiran Namaste, an NGO that works to support single mothers in Nepal, by creating a market for the products made by the members.

Garimudi School in Nuwakot

We sponsor Shree Panchakanya Higher Secondary School, Nuwakot

Rural Assistance Nepal

We support Rural Assistance Nepal. RAN sets up schools and hospitals in remote regions of Nepal.

Climate Trek Nepal

We are one of the four local partners of the Climate Trek Nepal — a climate-friendly trekking route in the Helambu Region.

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