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At Royal Mountain Travel, we are committed to ensuring that the tourism industry in Nepal is built on sustainability. Our values are rooted in preserving local culture. playing Our part in developing the local economy and protecting the environment for posterity.

To set ourselves apart and lead by example, we’ve implemented sustainable initiatives in all parts of our organization. From creating off-the-beaten-path itineraries so tourism
dollars reach remote areas to developing programs that empower women to take leadership roles, we’re passionate about long-term. sustainable development in our beautiful country. We seek to offer visitors something different: genuine experiences designed with an eye for positive impact.

Royal Mountain Travel is a Travelife Certified company. a program that both oversees management and performance criteria in relation to sustainability. Travelife is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). the world’s leading accreditation body for sustainable travel and tourism.

Environmental Stewardship

In addition to supporting conservation efforts, we’re also integrating eco-friendly policies within our company.

  • We minimize our impact on the environment whenever possible
  • We invest in eco-friendly technology like solar panels and electric vehicles
  • We aim to inspire action in the rest Of our community by sharing Our practices
  • Our offices are powered by climate friendly solar panels
  • We have a no plastic policy in Our Offices
  • Our fleet Of vehicles are beginning their transition with investments in EVs

Community Empowerment

Investing in the local community is one of our core values. We hope to set the standard in our country and within the travel industry to benefit the most important and often underserved stakeholders: locals.

  • We pay all Of Our employees fair wages and are also focused on creating paid training opportunities for students
  • We invest in and create programs that promote women's empowerment
  • We create economic opportunities to support indigenous and rural areas
  • Women make up about 50% Of Our workforce.
  • We promote women in leadership positions and as trekking guides by providing skills training and career development programs to fast track them to success.
  • Our internship programs are paid and most Stay as long-term employees.

Giving Back

In addition to our company’s sustainability programs, we also provide aid to local nonprofits.

  • Kiran Namaste works to support single mothers In Nepal.
  • We sponsor the Garimudi school in Nuwakot and Shree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School in Madhela, Bardiya
  • Rural Assistance Nepal sets up schools and hospitals in remote regions of Nepal.

The Community Homestay Network began as a part of our CSR initiative. Today, after receiving a Booster grant to kick-start the platform, it has grown into an independent social enterprise that helps empower women all over Nepal. The platform creates opportunities for rural communities to connect with travelers creating economic stability. The company also sets up skills training classes, provides loans, medical care and education support to foster stronger communities through sustainable tourism.

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