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Dear Janak,

We are very sorry for our late writing. But last year, in October we were impressed from your working. Philipp and I promised to write an assessment:



Last year, in October we started for four days in Pokhara to our first big adventure into the mountains. Janak, our guide told us everything before the trekking. He gave us important information about things we have to take with us, clothes we need, how much money we need every day and the hole schedule. This meeting was a day before out start.

During the trek Janak told us all things about people, nature and Nepal. He was a very friendly guy and helped us in every situation.

Furthermore he told us the distance to the next opportunity to buy water. So everyone could decide by himself if he had to buy water or not. This was very helpful.

Every evening Janak told us our destinations for the next day. He gave tips for our luggage. One example: take your swim suite with you. At this point we can say it was no problem to get to the stuff we gave Milan, our Sherpa. During the trekking he was near to us the whole time.

Every meal Janak stand with us. This was a big pleasure for us. He also managed all things with dinner. He took our order, bought our food and was a very very friendly assistant. Together we had much fun, interesting conversations and wonderful evenings. We learned a lot about the country and the people. 

In addition, Janak had the chance to talk with every people because our group exist of three.

Whenever we had questions he welcomed us with pleasure. Furthermore, Janak is a very honest and nice guy. During the trekking he was obliging and open minded to us. He organized all things for us: our trekking permissions, our food, a warm shower and WIFI ;). He took photos and talk about himself and his family so we could get an impression of life in Nepal. It was a heartily atmosphere.

Thanks Janak we had a good time in the mountains without any problems. Every time we felt in good hands by Janak.

With him we experienced out first big adventure. And we will never forget!

Thank you very much! Maybe in some years we come back – to you! J



Also we hope, you can use this and it’s helpful for you…. Nine months later….. We apologize!

In the news we heard about the monsoon rain in Nepal and we hope you and your family go well!

Philipp and Lisa from Germany

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