Fourth Week in Kathmnadu – by Juho Paukku

Royal Mountain Corporate Building

Royal Mountain Travel Corporate Building

Another week in Kathmandu & in office. I have learned about more of the activities of the company and the company’s internal affairs. They actually gave me some more responsibilities.

This week has been Nepali New Year, don’t ask me why but we celebrated the fact that we entered the year 2072. They are way ahead of us 🙂 

Work wise it’s still the same as last week with the exception a new task. Update the pricing.

So a lot behind a desk updating the package pricing for agents, update the booking system and add more specific itinierary related information such as hiking, driving and trekking details.

Data relevant to the sales team, agents and their clients. Blymey…. Hands full of work.

So Happy New Year! Monday was New Year’s Eve and Tuesday was New Year’s Day, so the whole city was prepared for it, celebrations lasted for two days.The fact that here in Nepal we arrive at the year 2072 came as a surprise to me. I still need to find out what the reason is that their calender is way ahead of ours It was great to see how Nepalese celebrate the new years. Events everywhere in the city. They actually build a complete stage over the road just in front of my morning breakfast hangout Himalayan Java.

Now, for those who wonder, back to my stomach story: Hurrah!! My stomach is back to normal, back to normal eating routine Thank God! I lost a few kg in the past two weeks.

No Thamel for me last Friday. No Purple Haze or Reaggae Bar. Me, my Nepali co-workers and friends and my roommate were invited to have dinner at a co-workers house. Sanjeev is the Transport manager and supervisor of the companies drivers. Don’t worry about that is what he always says and so it is. All transport, airport transfers and group trips are scheduled and have its own assigned drivers. Good guys with better driving skills, a must here in Kathmandu and beyond.IMG_3196

He lives a 15 minute ride from the office, very local and a new sight and experience for me.

The house was really impressive: 7 split level floors, 5 bedrooms a few bathrooms and just for himself…… my goodness was I impressed. It is actually his family house but they live in the USA at the moment, something Sanjeev dreams of to and it actually might happen.

As said the house was impressive but so were his cooking skills. A nice salad, very tasty and spiced chicken and mutton. The best local food I have had so far. Of course all accompanied with VAT69 local whiskey and beer.

We drank to much, had good conversation on the terrace and listened to music . Of course we stayed the night and left in the morning.

Saturday was Mother’s Day and World Heritage Day here in Nepal. Mother’s Day is a really important day of celebration in Nepal.  King’s Way was closed on Saturday  for a festival and a concert.

It has been another week here in Nepal. Lots of celebrations which gave me a chance to learn a bit more about the Nepalese culture.

I wonder what is gonna happen next week…..

If you want to know more about Mother’s Day in Nepal, check out this video