Royal Mountain Travel organizes sessions with travel guides to discuss sustainability at the destination

Session on Sustainability with travel guides

As a sustainable tour operator, Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) recognizes that it has a responsibility to promote the sustainability of the destinations in its itineraries. In light of this, RMT recently organized 4 sessions with tour leaders and travel guides to discuss important aspects of sustainability in Nepal’s tourism context. The sessions were attended by a total of 59 travel guides over 4 sessions.

Topics covered included key sustainability issues in Nepal’s tourism sector, ways to minimize impact on the environment, criteria for identifying sustainably operated accommodations along trekking routes and ways to minimize negative impact on the local communities while maximizing the benefits.

RMT staff taking part in the monthly Sustainability interactive session

Besides working to promote sustainability at the destination, RMT also conducts monthly interactive sessions with its staff to promote sustainable practices both at the business level and at an individual level.

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