Top 10 Day Trips You Must Not Miss while you are in Nepal

This is the ultimate collection of the ten days trips you must not miss while you are in Nepal. It does not take very long to see all the sights Kathmandu has to offer. However, there are lots of day trips out of the city too. 

Within about two hours’ drive – by bus from Kathmandu, if you are feeling adventurous (these are very frequent but often crowded), you can be in a completely different world. It does not take long to get away from the dust of Kathmandu, into the Kathmandu Valley.

Top 10 Day Trips You Must Not Miss while you are in Nepal

Here there are many places worth visiting in Kathmandu. I have tried to list places outside or just outside Kathmandu. Obviously, there are many other places within the city that you could easily spend all day like Boudhanath and Pashupatinath, Kopan Monastery, Asian and Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square, depending on your interest.

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Holi: The Most Fun Day of the Year

Nepal’s celebration of Holi is a colorful festival that is open to all, locals and visitors alike. The revered Hindu holiday, which dates back to the fourth century and signifies the arrival of spring, has gained attention in the U.S. in recent years and a number of travelers feel called to participate in the joyful revelry. A care-free celebration with people of all ages smearing each other with colored powders and drenching each other with water in the streets seems like the perfect excuse for a vacation, right?

Photo source: Inside Himalayas

While Holi truly begins with the installation of a ceremonial pole in Kathmandu Durbar Square almost a week earlier and religious ritual and prayer around a bonfire the night before, the free-for-all of color is found all around the square, the city streets, temples, parks and into the hill region on the day immediately following the full moon in March. The second day of festivities continues in the Terai with celebrations and feasts in area homes. Continue reading

Langtang Valley; Standing The Test Of Time

The Langtang Valley – which is only a stone’s throw away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu – is one of the colourful, culturally affluent, and diverse-in-landscape trekking routes in Nepal. For its majestic performance of the Langtang Himalayan Range, with more than a thousand of varieties of ornamental flowers and plants, birds’ and mammals’ species – combined – exceeding to 150 in numbers makes Langtang Valley an ideal address for, both, extreme and casual trekkers. Continue reading

The Dark Blue Sky with Pink Horizon

The white mist followed us to the resort as we walked back from the village, just when the sun was setting in. We were told that the landscape ofTerai were one of the best ones in the country by our resort manager, especially during the evenings. At that moment, I almost spitted “No.” For me, the best evenings meant silhouetted houses, stacked like cards with pitch black gallies in between. Continue reading

Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal

The recipe, or say secret recipe, for a healthy family, and for a successful community is to trust, empower, and enhance the skills of women/housewives. This is not just an assumption, but the fact, and one of the references (example) I am attaching hereby is from two distinct communities, where housewives (now successful entrepreneurs of their own) proved that if equal opportunities were given to the women/housewives they could handle the family, and at the same time they will operate a ‘successful’ business.
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Cycling in Chitwan; Spinning wheels to remember

Cycle12Cycling is not my cup of tea and, honestly speaking, whenever I picture of cycling – trailer of a fit body peddling mountain-bike around Rocky Mountains – it usually haunts me. I often avoid outdoor games, which is not good you’d say and, yes, when cycling is evolving as a hip trend around the globe; my tardiness was not favoring me at all but, rather, turning me into a mouse-potato.

One of my friends, energetic and athletic, asked me if I could join him and his cousin to Chitwan. They were planning to stay at Tharu Community Homestay, and told me it was a perfect place to rest like a log as it was built by the river and I could go for fishing. Continue reading

Ten reasons to visit Tansen, Nepal



The name ‘Tansen’ has its origin in the Magar language, understanding “northern settlement.”

Palpa is one of the 75 districts of Nepal located in the western region of Nepal. Lying on the lap of the Shreenagar Hills at an altitude of around 1300 m, Tansen is an ancient hill town and the administrative headquarter of Papla district.  ‘Palpa’ and ‘Tansen’ are synonymously referred as ‘Tansen ‘, only. The name ‘Tansen’ has its origin in the Magar language, understanding “northern settlement.” Despite its scenic beauties, historical monuments, artistic houses made of old red brick Newari, round the year pleasant weather and moderate climate,Tansen is less featured in the tourists map of Nepal than the neighboring tourists destinations of Nepal: Pokhara and Lumbini. There are several reasons to visit Tansen. The list may be many but 10 are provided below.


White Lake - morning mist in winter settled over Madi Valley and Parvas area

White Lake – morning mist in winter settled over Madi Valley and Parvas area

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Eastern Tibet and its Wonders

Draksum-tso Eastern Tibet.

Draksum-tso Eastern Tibet. Photo: tak.wing

Your travel to Tibet is not complete without a visit to the vast region known as Kham, home to the legendary Khampa warriors of yore.They have often been likened to the cowboys of America, and this likeness is all the more pronounced by their fondness for wearing flamboyant cowboy hats and hardy leather boots, in addition to the fact that they are skilled horse riders. Continue reading